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Luke Muller

Luke Muller or Captain Ironhand as he was known for many years in his traveling days was born on a mountain on the edge of logging village somewhere east. As a second born left-handed twin raised in a world of deep suspicion, life was never going to be easy for young Luke. After a group of townsfolk stormed his family’s log cabin and confronted him about a series of mysterious fish deaths, he knew it was time to make his way into the world.

At age 13 and whip smart he joined a passing carnival, working the rides and shaking down rubes for his first taste of big money, he became hooked on the giddy life and chance to make an easy buck. One night when the carnival parked in a small nowhere town he chanced on a tattooist’s parlor and wandered in, intrigued by the smells, sounds and sights.
The man in charge was impressed by the cut of our hero’s gib, and on the spot offered him a chance to learn the skin wizardry. Knowing the police where hot on his tail for running dice games on the sideshows, Luke stepped up to the plate and quickly learned the skin arts.


Soon ole Ironhand was on his way, inking many a gent and occasional ladies to much acclaim. He traveled far and wide, he is even rumored to have tattooed a manatee whilst working the boats as a fisher tattooist.
So if the inkling for some inking takes you. Or if you seek a tattoo of the traditional style applied by a gentleman of the world. Or if perhaps you glimpse off the coast a sea mammal you think has back job, then remember the name Luke Muller, a gentleman, and skin artiste of highest acclaim.

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